Boxing Match

During preparation for Tuesday’s surgery, one question was constantly asked, “What procedure are you here for?” I replied “Replace expanders with silicone implants, remove a mole (the nurses at this point are nodding approvingly as I continued) … and I think Dr. G said something about doing a face lift while I was under.”  I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. They laughed and started thinking of other procedures we could throw in.

puftThe anesthesiologist was the next person to come in. He asked about allergies and had there been any past problems with anesthesia. He also explained that a tube would be placed down my throat to help me breathe. Then he asked if there were any questions. I asked him when the tube came out of my mouth, if he could tape my mouth shut. I had to explain that I had a colonoscopy last month and the recovery room nurse shared that I had made quite the fool of myself while I was knocked out. I was mortified and thought the tape might be a way to prevent a repeat of that incident. The doctor tried to comfort me by saying it was two different types of anesthesia, so there probably wouldn’t be any issues to worry about. Just in case, all I thought about while being put under was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. My rationale was if a fictional character is on the brain, surely I couldn’t say anything too bad.

When Dr. G (the plastic surgeon) came in, he marked the incision spots and fielded our questions. I asked if I could have the packaging that the implants came in. Nothing ever ruffles this surgeon, but he did seem surprised at my request and started thinking out loud, “Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt anything. We throw the boxes away. I might need to check with someone before I give you the boxes. I might need to check with the manufacturer, just in case.” Janet had my back  and asked if we could simply take a photo of the packaging. I didn’t want Dr. G to go to any trouble and I told him if it was going to be a hassle, that I didn’t have to have the packaging.

Upon waking up from surgery, I was in a frustrated mood because I found myself as declarer in a very unfortunate four spade bridge contract. Surely the recovery room nurses couldn’t have heard anything too offensive if my brain was at the bridge table.

Upon arrival to the hospital room, we were delighted to find the implant boxes waiting for us. Janet nor I expected to see such a nice design. Below is a family-friendly photo of my new implants.


Since surgery, my recuperation has been going well. I get tired easily, but the pain is not nearly what I was anticipating. Janet and DH have done a superior job of pampering and caring for me. I also know that all of the prayers and good wishes sent on my behalf are answered blessings. I cannot put into words how much your love and support means to me. It has been the fuel that has kept me going since last year’s mutant ninja cell diagnosis.  Thank you!

Today is a good day!

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4 Responses to Boxing Match

  1. Polly says:

    Congratulations! I am sure they are stunning and not too “boxy”.

  2. Sue Kincheloe says:

    Glad to hear this is “behind” you Deborah! Pray 2013 will be without any medical issues for you or DH. Have a great Christmas and keep the blog going. I enjoy reading them all!

  3. Iris says:

    Curiosity got the better of me, so I Googled “natrelle.” The first listing was the website for the product. The first line of the description says: “Try sizes at home! For breast implants, Breast Augmentation, breast enlargement, breast enhancement. Our exclusive home kit has rebates and preps you …” I can help but imagine a “kit” as a small pair of scissors, a sewing kit, and a couple of balloons.

  4. Pam says:

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